To hell with them

Incredible fact from Public Policy Polling: More than half of Trump voters do not believe that Donald Trump, Jr., met with Russians, despite both Junior’s and Dad’s statements in writing that he did. Think about that when you read the nine millionth article about “How can Democrats [grovel and debase themselves trying to] attract Trump voters?” News flash: They can’t, and they shouldn’t try.

The Rude Pundit‘s language is, as always, rude on the subject, but right: “This is the newest wrinkle in the genre: What do stupid people think about something they don’t understand at all?”

So we’re treated on an almost daily basis to articles and stories about Trump voters and what they think about some issue and whether or not Trump’s evil, batshit incompetence is enough for them to bail on the Orange King. Every single one of these stories is the same: Here are some assholes who voted for Trump. Let’s treat them with reverence, as if they have hard-won wisdom because they shovel shit or work at Wal-Mart. Let’s tell them about all the fuckery that Donald Trump has been up to and see what they think. Oh, look, they don’t give a shit because he still hates the Mooslems and Messicans. And what might change their minds about Trumpochet? “I don’t know what he would have to do…I guess maybe kill someone. Just in cold blood.”

That’s an actual quote from an actual person in a Tennesseean article on Wayne County, Tennessee, an almost entirely white rural area with less people than my neighborhood…

Every single person who voted for Donald Trump knowingly and deliberately voted for a racist, corrupt, lying, unqualified, un-American thug. By all means let’s promote good, fair policies that will happen to benefit them, unlike the cruel, pluto- and kleptocratic policies of the fat cats who rule the GOP, but to think that the Democratic Party should try to court these people is obscene.

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