They really are the Know-Nothings

Aren’t Americans supposed to aspire to higher education for their children? Both Driftglass and No More Mister Nice Blog weigh in on the new Pew survey that reveals Republican voters hate colleges and universities, as well as the news media, while favoring Wall Street bankers over labor unions. I like the latter blog’s “This is why I don’t hold out much hope for attempts to Springsteen-ize the Democratic Party,” as Berniesque candidates are

…going to talk about haves vs. have-nots, and Republican voters prefer the haves. Republicans do hate rich people if they’re from Hollywood, but generally speaking, the GOP electorate thinks a typical college professor is more of an elitist than a financial-industry muckamuck who makes a thousand times as much money per year.

Proud, malignant ignorance. That’s all they have to offer.

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