Volvo has announced that, starting in 2019, every car it introduces will be either a gas-electric hybrid or fully electric. It’s not an earth-shaking move on the Chinese-owned company’s part–Volvo’s market share is so tiny, it might as well announce that all its cars will have LED headlights shaped like Thor’s hammer–but Volvo is my wife’s fantasy car, and now syncs with my three current fantasy cars. The Chevy Bolt is a $38,000 electric with a range of 238 miles. In the win-the-lottery department, the Acura NSX is a $158,000 supercar hybrid.

Zelectric Motors VW

And in sunny California, a company called Zelectric Motors converts mint-condition ’50s and ’60s VW Beetles into stoplight-drag-race-winning electrics, albeit short-range ones (there’s a Karmann Ghia on their site that’s to die for).

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