Tweety? Skidmark? Smallhand?

You may have noticed references in this blog to the grotesque-elect, nightmare-in-chief, King Boor, and other euphemisms for an obscenity I will not mention (though none of my names, I freely admit, are as witty as alternatives all over the Internet such as Hair Fuhrer and Cheeto Benito). But I’ve been struck by a twist on the topic: What is his Secret Service code name going to be? Potus the Clown? Con Man? Liar? Disgrace? 666?

You have to imagine something that can be spoken quickly, so two or three syllables seem the limit rather than the long strings of abuse — Sexual Assaulter, Sociopath, Human Sinkhole — I usually say. So far I have three favorites:

3. Third Base
2. Runner-up
1. Comrade

Suggestions are encouraged in the comments.

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