There’s a new sheriff in clown

Now that Arizona birther scum and publicity hound Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been unseated and stepped down, another sheriff is bidding to replace him here, of all places, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson has offered the grotesque-elect the use of county inmates to help build the orange one’s border wall with Mexico.

“I can think of no other project that would have such a positive impact on our inmates and our country than building this wall,” the Republican lawman said last night after being sworn in for his fourth term. “Aside from learning and perfecting construction skills, the symbolism of these inmates building a wall to prevent crime in communities around the country, and to preserve jobs and work opportunities for them and other Americans upon release, can be very powerful.”

Reaction tended toward the droll, with a spokesperson for U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III asking why the wall would require forced labor — “Isn’t Mexico going to pay for it?” — and Governor Charlie Baker’s office saying that his administration “is thankful for the valuable community service inmates in Bristol County have provided through work programs and would prefer they continue to offer those services closer to home.” The xenophobic sheriff did not address how the wall or the transporting and housing of inmates would be financed, though he did suggest getting in touch with the Israelis because they’ve had lots of experience protecting their borders.

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