The truth stops at noon

What I believe (in agreement with Lawyers, Guns, & Money):

In October 2016, the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s possible keeping of government emails on a home server. The FBI was also investigating links between a hostile foreign power (Russia) and the Trump campaign.

Director James Comey, in violation of numerous norms and rules about interference in elections, trumpeted the discovery of another cache of Clinton emails, though they were quickly found to be irrelevant. The FBI did not leak, proclaim, shout, or otherwise inform the public that it and other agencies were investigating the Republican team for evidence of treason.

In going public with one case but not the other, Comey’s FBI put an incalculably heavy thumb on the scale for the GOP campaign, which proceeded to lose the popular vote by a colossal margin but eke out the smallest of victories in the Electoral College. Trump’s first act as president will be to stop all investigations into his campaign’s connections to Russia.

Oh, and defund the National Endowment for the Arts.

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