Self-incrimination? More like self-immolation

As Mock Paper Scissors says, Charles Pierce is required reading on today’s stupendously revealing publication of Russian emails by Donald Trump, Jr.:

The email chain makes it clear that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government. [Junior] incriminated himself. He incriminated [Kushner and Manafort]. He made a lie out of practically everything that the Trump camp has said on the subject for over a year. He landed a clean shot below the waterline of his father’s administration.

…Is Team Jared out for blood? Is there some sort of weird Oedipal thing playing out with Junior? Is Tiffany behind it all, bred from birth for vengeance like Mordred to Marla Maples’s Morgan Le Fay?

I spit Diet Coke out my nose at that last bit.

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