Pulchritude in the news

Sixteen months after announcing that it would eschew the nude, Playboy is bringing back naked women, aiming for titillation that’s neither “dated,” as chief creative officer Cooper Hefner, 25, described the photos printed by his Viagra-drooling dad Hugh, 90, nor tacky and explicit, as seen for free all over the Internet.

The magazine, whose circulation is about a tenth of its 1972 peak of 7 million, unveiled the March/April cover blurb and hashtag #NakedIsNormal, which presumably means lots of shots of models in the shower or at the doctor’s office, since #ClothedIsOtherwiseNormal. As part of the war on datedness, the Playboy’s Party Jokes and Playboy Philosophy columns from the ’60s are returning.

Meanwhile, heading in the opposite direction, Hooters is opening a restaurant with both male and female waitstaff and without orange short shorts and tight tops. The first Hoots, located in Cicero, Ill., says “A Hooters Joint” on the outside but will have, um, both hooters and joints on the inside, along with a slimmed-down menu and counter rather than tableside ordering.

If nothing else, the crew should welcome the move. I’ve dined at a Hooters just once, on what happened to be Halloween night in St. Louis, and I’ve never seen so many women take the opportunity to cover up with floor-length witch costumes and princess robes instead of their usual skimpy outfits.

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