Me and the Mole Man

Which fictional character has the highest star quotient? Which demanding role is suited only for acting royalty? Hamlet? Portia? Elizabeth Bennet? James Bond? None of the above. It’s Aunt May Parker, played by Oscar nominee Rosemary Harris (Tobey Maguire’s three movies, though I admit no one likes to acknowledge his third), Oscar winner Sally Field (Andrew Garfield’s two movies, though I admit no one likes to acknowledge either), and Oscar winner Marisa Tomei (Tom Holland’s two movies to date, though Captain America: Civil War was a cameo and Spider-Man: Homecoming doesn’t open till Friday). The lovely Tomei is the first to make me consider leaving my wife for Aunt May, though I’ll have to get in line: In the newspaper Spider-Man strip which supplies The Comics Curmudgeon so much material, the Mole Man is pestering her to marry him again.

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