If this be treason

I read Pajiba for the entertainment news (a TV sequel to Love Actually? oh, shoot me now), but there’s also a righteous headline quoting a national security authority quoting a senior intelligence official: “He will die in jail.” He, of course, is Donald Trump a.k.a. Vladi’s My Daddy, whose raging tweets don’t actually deny the ties between his campaign and Russia but merely rant about the leaks revealing them — leaks that, according to the national security authority, are about to “go nuclear” as the intelligence community Trump bashed and belittled ends up being his worst nightmare, if not the savior of the Republic.

I urge you to read the article along with Betty Cracker’s piece in Balloon Juice, which admits it’s not ideal to have our intel community neck-deep in our politics, but this is no ordinary time:

It was an outrage when Comey stuck his big, fat, morally upright thumb on the scales in the waning days of the election. So why cheer the intel community on now, hoping they dump enough dirt to bury the Trump admin?

Because this isn’t a normal administration. Trump referred to me and the 65 million other Americans who didn’t vote for him as “enemies” in his New Year “message.” He’s done nothing to reach out to anyone other than his rancid fan base. He’s stocked the government with racists, misogynists and bigoted kooks, and his top advisers are openly fomenting a global white nationalist effort to undermine Western democracies.

The Republicans who control Congress are willing to go along with Trump’s anti-American agenda if doing so will allow them to cut taxes for billionaires and take away people’s access to affordable healthcare. They’ve said so outright, so they can’t be trusted to do their job and keep our government from being controlled by a hostile foreign power.

… So, spooks it is. No, I don’t trust them completely. No, I don’t think it’s a good idea for the intel community to manipulate domestic politics (and I wish we’d mind our own business abroad too).

But desperate times call for desperate measures. If it takes leaks to force the Republicans in Congress to work with the Democrats and do their goddamned jobs, then bring on the drip, drip, drip.

Remember Hillary Clinton warning us about Russia and the Trump campaign in the debates? It’s part of another Balloon Juice post, which includes a glorious Bob Vulfov tweet of today’s presidential briefing outline (“Honestly, we are pretty boned … No way around it, boss … We should send an Edible Arrangement to VP Pence”).

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