A braver blogger than I

Or at least possessor of a stronger stomach is Roy Edroso at Alicublog, who regularly reads some of the most outrageous wingnut screeds and reprints them with sensibly snarky commentary. This week, in back-to-back posts, he dispatches some feminine ninny who compares Ivanka Trump to Kate Middleton and, pausing only to come up for air, a Louis L’Amour loon who compares her father Lord Boor to — wait for it — Abraham Lincoln: “Not since 1860 have American voters rejected their elite and chosen a candidate without apparent qualifications.”

Roy’s remark: “Ah, I see; so in 1860 Americans (40 percent of them, anyway) … rolled the dice on a former Congressman at the head of a burgeoning movement and party who had stood for the Senate and whose debates with Stephen Douglas, a watershed in American political discourse, had been widely circulated — which lines up pretty good with ‘former reality TV star’ and ‘famous bankrupt rageclown.'”

He forgot to mention how Lincoln was backed and Douglas hacked by the Russians, but I’m still a fan.

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