But does he use Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro?

Apparently the president of the United States posted a doctored Wrestlemania video showing him body-slamming and punching a guy whose head was replaced with the CNN logo. Predictable reactions include the observation that the man has utterly lost it, is deranged, unhinged, a pitiable nut job, and that encouraging violence against journalists is the sign of a tinpot dictator, every bit as un-American as burning the flag or crapping on the Constitution. I have both reactions, plus sheer baffled wonderment: He has time for this? Presumably some lackey did the actual video editing, but POTUS had to come up with the idea, describe the wrestling video to be fetched from the archives and what he wanted done to it, and approve and post the results. He had nothing better to do. With his own actions, he makes himself a goddamn poster boy for the 25th Amendment.

Update: Mock Paper Scissors reports the origin of the video (outside the White House) and the definitive comment thereon, from Steve M. of No More Mr. Nice Blog: “Leader of Free World Tweets Video Posted by Reddit User HanAssholeSolo.” Can we get a lawsuit from Lucasfilm?