What hath God wrought?

Disappointed in the “Sherlock” season four (and probable series) finale — giving Sherlock and Mycroft a sister, and having Sherrinford be a place instead of the third brother, was clever, but having the sister be the girl from The Ring with mind control powers who keeps popping in and out of her maximum-security prison was odd — we went out for brunch at Boston’s new City Tap. I saw on the menu and couldn’t resist trying a beermosa, which is exactly what you fear it is: wheat beer and orange juice (plus a dash of champagne). The first sip leaves you aghast, but it grows on one.

An ABC book to go with his coloring book

The Orange Occupation is furious that civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis simply spoke the truth, that Putin’s puppet is an illegitimate president. He’s also an appalling, boorish, corrupt, degenerate, ethics-free, fraudulent, grotesque, horrid, juvenile, kakistocratic, lecherous, moronic, noxious, obtuse, polluted, questionable, reprobate, sleazy, treasonable, unqualified, venal, warped, xenophobic, yellow, and zaftig one.

Some words in the list are more accurate than others (is it “treasonable” or “treasonous”?). Suggestions for improvement are welcome in the comments.