Don’t cry for me, USA

The phrase “Banana Republicans” predates Raging Boor, but Juan Cole does a good job of showing why his “press conference” showed all the signs of a tin-pot dictator.

In other news, Senator Leahy had to pound the Attorney General-designate repeatedly to get an admission that grabbing a woman by the crotch is sexual assault, and said designate declared that four cases during the 2016 election constitute widespread voter fraud, the GOP’s reason of choice to dismantle voting rights. And damn it, I just thought of Raging Boor and Google says at least one pundit beat me to it.

Not just ignorant, corrupt and ignorant

Another blog I want to quote all the time is First Draft, where Adrastos sums it up:

The change from Obama to Trump may be the wildest Presidential personality change the nation has experienced since the extroverted lightweight Warren Gamaliel Harding succeeded the austere intellectual Woodrow Wilson. Harding, however, was a nice man who knew he was in over his head. The next occupant of the Oval Office is an asshole who thinks he knows everything when, in fact, he knows nothing.

Adrastos also points to The Book Bond, which is an even better source of 007 cover art than the site I’d been using, Piz Gloria, although I’m still jealous of my ex-boss who had a book of rare Bond images such as Roger Moore standing back to back with the Michelin Man.