Feel it tickle your toes

When I think back to the shag carpeting and avocado-colored appliances of the ’70s, I wonder how we survived at all. (Some, whose houses combined flammable shag with the era’s electric baseboard heat, didn’t survive.) Anyway, it’s carpeting that’s on my mind in the form of Kodel (pronounced ko-DELL), which I thought was a DuPont product but which the excellent History of Polyester page reminds me was Eastman Kodak’s, and which is stuck in my head as the jingle of the day:

Fat fiber, fat, fat fiber,
Carpets of Kodel,
We are lusher, so much plusher,
Kodel is swell!
Of all the polyesters, it isn’t very hard
To see that I’m the fattest! More carpet to the yard!
Fat fiber, fat, fat fiber,
Boy, do we wear well!
Carpets of Kodel!

Fashionistas look down their noses at polyester today, while buffing their iMac screens with microfiber cloths.